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Editor Cory Storch, CEO

Submitted by Earsala Cromartie, Director of Human Resources

At Bridgeway, we stand in solidarity with the global outcry regarding the recent killing of George Floyd and other injustices.  We lend our sympathy and support for Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others.  All around the world people are peacefully protesting because the senseless attacks on the black community must stop. We all may not be able to truly understand the frustration and fear the members of our black community have faced for generations, but we want to stand with them.

Our hearts are heavy and our minds are filled with compassion as we stand with our employees and our persons served in their pain.  Our organization has a long history of supporting vulnerable people in our communities by serving their needs. We owe it to our employees, our persons served, and our communities to be very clear in condemning these acts of senseless violence that have occurred around the nation.   We pride ourselves as being the leaders in our field serving people who experience mental health and substance abuse conditions, and we want to continue to do so with social equality, pride, and inclusion.

There is much work to do to foster a true environment of equality, acceptance, and cultural inclusion amongst our Bridgeway family. We are starting this work by implementing a new and improved Cultural Competency program across the organization. We are collaborating with thought leaders to implement open dialogue and positive change.

Our country and our Bridgeway family need healing in this tumultuous time. We don’t have all the answers but know that we want to be a part of the change. Most of all, we are grateful for the courage of our employees as they break the SILENCE and share their stories. We are proud to stand with them.  We welcome your feedback as we work to make meaningful change together.

Ms. Cromartie can be reached at 908-355-7886 Ext. 1029, or by email at

June 9th, 2020

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