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Editor Cory Storch, CEO

Dear Friends,  

Last Wednesday, the country witnessed an acutely distressing episode of violent domestic terrorism at our US Capitol, the citadel of American democracy, the people’s house. It continues to deepen the national trauma brought about by the pandemic, presenting yet another stressor in already turbulent times.  

The repulsive images of confederate flags and a noose on the West Lawn add another layer of intense emotional response and source of anxiety for most Americans. Clearly, there is so much work to be done to bridge the racial divide.  

The Congressional leaders were undeterred in their resolve to carry out their lawful duties that day, despite being surrounded by chaos and the potential threat of physical harm.  

Amid this turbulent atmosphere, Bridgeway staff continue to inspire hope in the people we serve, and each other, that the future will be better, easier, calmer than the recent past. The work continues. We draw upon the spirit of the US Congressmen and Congresswomen, who showed us this past week what sheer resilience looks like.
So it is at Bridgeway.  

Cory Storch
President & CEO

January 12th, 2021

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