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Integrated Mental Health & Primary Healthcare
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Intensive Community & Home-Based Care



615 North Broad Street
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208
Phone: 908-355-7886

President & CEO: Cory Storch ext: 1019
COO: Buddy Garfinkle ext: 1018
CFO: Biren Parikh ext: 1028
Director of Administrative Services: Robert Edes ext: 1027
QI Director: Dai Phan ext: 1020
Human Resources Director: Earsala Cromartie ext: 1029
IT Manager: George Sbordone, Fords, NJ  732-771-2302 ext: 1100



70 West Grand Street
Elizabeth, New Jersey 07208
Phone: 908-469-6517 • Fax: 908-469-6519

Compliance & Privacy Officer:  908-355-7886
Director of Marketing & Development: Lisa Giannascoli ext: 1004
Revenue Cycle Manager: Rosita Jimenez-Hairston ext: 1005