A System of Mental Health Services

*NOTE: Due to COVID-19, all Bridgeway programs have had to modify service delivery.
The degree of modification varies with each program.
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Community Support Services
Supportive Housing & Intensive Supportive Housing


Hunterdon County Phone: (908) 237-2577 Fax: (908) 237-2580
Sussex County CSS SH Phone: (973) 383-8670 Fax: (908) 383-8676
Union County SH Phone: (908) 249-4100 Fax: (908) 249-4106
Union County ESH Phone: (908) 469-3940 Fax: (908) 469-3946


Community Support Services Supportive Housing provide services necessary to assist Hunterdon, Sussex and Union County residents achieve mental health rehabilitative and recovery goals across a series of wellness domains including employment, education, housing, physical and mental health. Services begin with the development of an individualized recovery plan through a comprehensive personalized needs assessment. Persons served in this program learn and practice skills in order to restore and/or develop their abilities to achieve community integration and remain living independently in the setting of their choice.

Services Include:

  • Restoration of Daily Living Skills
  • Tenant/Citizen Education
  • Accessing and securing public entitlements
  • Cognitive and Behavioral skill development for crisis management
  • Medication education/Illness Management and Recovery

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A diagnosis and documented history of a severe mental health need
  • People who express an interest in learning and developing skills to restore function and promote community integration
  • People living in Hunterdon, Sussex, and Union County whose lack of functioning or resources threatens their ability to remain independent in the community
  • For enhanced supportive housing: person must be at risk of homelessness and/or state hospitalization


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